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The lack of standard alignment in cargo operations poses a severe risk for the industry, as hundreds of handling companies perform cargo operations in thousands of airports worldwide. Through the IATA Cargo Handling Consultative Council (ICHC), IATA drives standards and best practices manifested in the IATA Cargo Handling Manual (ICHM).

The Smart Facility Operational Capacity (SFOC) Audit assesses Cargo Handling Facilities’ equipment, infrastructure, and procedures against IATA’s cargo handling standards.

SFOC validates the facility’s compliance and creates transparency to business partners and customers, reducing the audit scope and frequency applied by airlines.

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The SFOC Audit validates adherence to all IATA standards about cargo facility handling operations, including:

SFOC also leverages the existing CEIV certifications (Pharma, Live Animals, Fresh) to reduce its audit scope. The certification process includes a Remote Validation to capture all the facility’s equipment and infrastructure. This information will be published on the company’s ONE Source profile.


The Smart Facility Operational Capacity Audit allows Cargo Handling Facilities to benchmark against industry standards and identify areas of improvement. It allows them to increase their operational handling capacities to a higher baseline level and:

  • Provides insight on industry best practices
  • Improves handling processes and staff efficiency
  • Provides visibility of the facilities' certifications, equipment & infrastructures through ONE Source
  • Builds trust in operational capabilities and processes
  • Raises the company’s profile and helps it to attract and retain new customers
  • Enables airlines to reduce the audit frequency and scope to the safety and security aspects and unique services
  • Reduces the overall audit person-days for Cargo Handling Facilities

Certification process

The process to achieve and maintain Smart Facility Operational Capacity Certification comprises four steps:

  1. Remote Validation: Online questionnaire capturing all available equipment and infrastructure
  2. Standard Variation Documentation: Compiles the references and content of the company’s cargo operations manuals for each audited procedure.
  3. On-site Audit and Validation
  4. Award of Smart Facility Operational Capacity Certification

The SFOC certification will automatically be listed on the company’s station profile on IATA ONE Source, along with the equipment and infrastructure information captured during the Remote Validation.

Audit Reduction Commitment

The Audit Reduction Commitment (ARC) is a binding airline commitment that specifies the audit reduction in facility handling. The ARC lists the exact audit scope and /or frequency reduction applied by a specific airline to all SFOC-certified Cargo Handling Facilities.

In addition, the commitment provides clear visibility on audit cost reduction potential of an SFOC Certification to Cargo Handling Facilities.

In December 2019, SATS became the first Cargo Handling Facility to receive the new SFOC Audit Certification and Singapore Airlines is the first airline to join the program by signing the Audit Reduction Commitment (ARC). Read the press release.

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